How BTC Casinos Work?

BTC Guides: How BTC Casinos Work?

The booming popularity of digital currency has created a new flourishing economy that can go hand in hand with the older economy that uses "conventional" currency. Bitcoin, the most popular form of cryptocurrency, is making waves in the world of gambling, lotteries, and gaming through the use of bitcoin betting.

What Is A Bitcoin Casino?

What Is A Bitcoin Casino?

A number of online casinos only use bitcoin as their currency, while others use them as a supplementary currency in addition to normal currencies like euros or US dollars. Online bitcoin casinos that offer money-based games are slowly growing in number due to the influx of new users. These sites operate all around the world, where they are subject to their own local laws. Gambling with it allows casinos to offer a wide selection of gambling options such as:

  • Gambling games (such as slots)
  • Casino games
  • Betting in sports
  • Spread betting
  • Online lottery

Types of BTC Casinos

Types of BTC Casinos

Online Casinos That Accept Bitcoin

Online casinos are not different from the regular casinos, except every transaction is done through digital means. These are different from the pure variants in the sense that they only accept this crypto as a method of payment. And it doesn’t have any distinct advantages that bitcoin websites usually offer.

Hybrid Casinos

A few establishments have steered clear away from creating pure bitcoin casinos because of the disadvantages they have. For instance, you can only use it as your crypto and nothing else. You’d have to exchange your other forms of cryptocurrency before you can participate.

A few benefits that hybrid casinos offer are that their withdrawals are generally quicker, and they offer different bonuses that aren't available in the pure variations.

Pure Bitcoin Casinos

They are the bridge between gambling and cryptocurrency. Most of them develop special games that are similar to your regular casino. And much like other transactions, they use blockchain technology and enjoy its benefits of full automation and decentralization.

Bets are placed on a specific address, and after someone wins, the prize is automatically sent to their address. Because they are decentralized, they aren’t under legal jurisdictions or have geographical restrictions.

How Does Bitcoin Casino Work

With any form of online gambling, software plays a large part in their processes. Establishing bitcoin casinos that already have a large number of regular users have developed their own software. Smaller or beginner bettings can buy or rent older versions and customize them by implementing unique gaming features.

The software will automatically manage and run the games without the need of heavy human intervention. Table dealers are also often automated, using provably fair to maintain their efficacy. Because of their digital nature, most websites have to work hard to establish user confidence.

After all, it’s harder to trust something that can be played, say, on, your phone, instead of an actual location where you can see the establishment and its players. One way that online casinos try to gain the trust of potential players is by openly sharing the algorithms of their software.

Why Bitcoin Casinos Are Under The Microscope

Why Bitcoin Casinos Are Under The Microscope

Regular online casinos that use conventional forms of currency have different regulations. Payments using traditional cash will require the identification of players, dealers, and operators that were part of the transaction. They can bypass this.

Because transactions are done digitally, verification and auditing became a bit harder to do. In a card game done online, for instance, how is the fair shuffling and distribution of cards guaranteed? The anonymity of the players is also maintained because the transactions don't require any identification, leaving this practice a bit questionable, to say the least.

Many casinos don't require a lot of details about their users, and a login name and email are often enough. You don't need to share your name, age, or location. In some parts of the world, gambling is illegal, and these online gamblings can easily bypass those laws, making gambling harder to control and regulate.

This creates another challenge for the local governments and authorities to suppress this new form of gambling. While digital currency comes with their own set of advantages, they present new problems as well.

The Impact Of Bitcoin Casinos On Bitcoin Transactions

Because info about crypto is hard to come by if you don’t actively search for it, it can be difficult to know the details of the effect on their preferred cryptocurrency. However, the general consensus is that the rise of bitcoin gaming sites results in a higher number of bitcoin transactions per day. This is most likely due to the fact that these sites can let you gamble anonymously.

Is Bitcoin Gambling Legal?

Because of the anonymity of bitcoin transactions and the unique challenges that they present, running these types of gambling in the United States is illegal. How is it legal? Other countries outside the US allow for these gambling methods, which allow privacy and anonymity for their players.

This poses a challenge for the authorities because it is harder to regulate, legalize, and control. Because of this lack of verification and basic information about their user bases, gathering the necessary data needed for rule enforcement is more difficult.


Gambling, regardless if it uses regular currencies for their transactions or it uses cryptocurrency transactions, has been a hotly debated topic on its ethical grounds. If you add the extra challenge of gambling with bitcoin, these operations are becoming harder to regulate and keep within the realms of legality.

The users should be wary of its legal aspects and the risks that are involved in this form of gambling. If you’re planning on trying out bitcoin gambling for yourself, go to one of the trusted establishments that already have a large user base.

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