Terms of Use

Terms of Use

We have developed these terms and conditions so that you have an idea on how to use the website correctly. The conditions described below are applied to each client of our site without a reference to gender and geolocation. As a visitor, you automatically agree to follow all conditions. If for some reason you do not agree with at least one of the points, then we recommend that you do not use our site at all.

  • The site can not be used by third parties;
  • You must not mislead people and act fraudulently;
  • You cannot post content for advertising and other spam;
  • Do not violate the laws of the state;
  • You can not copy information from our site;
  • Non-compliance with copyright rules.

The content posted on our website is our property and is protected by copyright. Therefore, in case you want to copy it or share it with someone, you need to:

  • Be sure to keep copyright marks
  • Request permission to copy materials
  • Avoid using site content for commercial purposes
  • You cannot use automatic requests.
  • Access to our content, its scanning and deletion are prohibited, unless you have written permission to do so.

Based on our privacy policy, all information that you post on our website is not confidential. However, your data and personal information are considered confidential. Responsibility for using our site lies with you if this is not permitted by the state.

Unfortunately, we cannot be fully responsible for the correctness of the data on our website. There may always be a slight error, despite the fact that we are doing everything possible to always keep our reviews p to date.

We are not responsible for third-party publications on our website and cannot be responsible for the opinions of the people who are published with us. However, reputation is in the first place for us and therefore we can remove obscene and offensive comments.

We reserve the right to change these conditions. If suddenly they change, each user will be informed about this in advance. If you continue to use our site, it means that you agree to all changes automatically. But, we cannot be held responsible for non-compliance with the conditions, if this is not in the area of our responsibility.

In the event of problems and disputes, you must understand that the conditions are governed by US law. Therefore, you are solely responsible for using our site in a country where it is prohibited.

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