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Bitcoin Betting: Find The Best Bitcoin Sportsbook

The only one difference between Bitcoin sports betting and standard betting is that you use Bitcoin are the currency, and you are paid out any returns in Bitcoin. The rest is exactly the same and that is a huge benefit to both newcomers and experienced gamblers.

Those who have experience in standard betting will be able to transfer their skills across and use them in Bitcoin sports betting to help them get a head start. If you are new to any type of betting, then anything you learn during your time Bitcoin betting you will be able to transfer and use when you are standard betting.

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How does betting work?

best bitcoin sports betting site

If gambling is allowed in your area then you will be able to bet either online or in person. When you place a bet, what you are doing is putting money down with a bookmaker that your opinion on an event will be correct. Bookmakers make their profit by taking different money from different people on all the possible outcomes of an event, and they only pay out to the winner. The basics are simple, you have an opinion on an upcoming event, you place a wager with your bookmaker to back up your opinion and if you are correct, you make a profit.

Consider the odds

Before you begin placing bets with your bookmaker, be sure to understand the odds that are on offer, and how much you will win should you be successful. The higher the odds, the more you will win should you be right, but that means that the bet is not really in your favour. While you will win less when the odds are lower, that also means that the bookmakers think your opinion has more chance of being correct.

What kind of bets should you make?

One confusing element for newcomers to sports betting is what type of bet to place. There are many you can choose from, each one having benefits, and these include the following:

  • Straight bet
    A straight bet is the most common option when you are betting. You use the bookmaker spread to place a wager on whichever team you think will win. Should you be correct, and your bet on the spread is successful then you are paid out, it is that simple.
  • Proposition
    Proposition bets are also popular, but these are based on specific events during a game, and not who will win the game. This can be who will be leading at half time, or who will score first and because of their specific nature, these are popular with sports fans.
  • Parlays
    Parlays are multiple bets that cover a number of games. Due to this the odds are usually higher when you win, although if you cover five games and just one game you select is wrong, then your entire bet is a loser.

    Progressive parlays work in exactly the same way as a standard parlay, with the exception of one detail. That is that they do give you a pay out even if some of your selections lose, the more correct selections, the more you win.

  • Teasers
    Teasers allow you to combine a wager on two or more games, and you can adjust the spread for the games as you like. You are moving the point spread when placing this bet, so the pay out on these is not as high as on a parlay bet.

  • If bets
    If bets are when you combine two different bets, but you add a condition that separates them. If the selection complies with the first condition, then the second condition will also come into effect. You or the bookmaker can both add clauses if you wish to this.

These are not the only type of bets you can place, but they are the most common bets and a great place to start for newcomers to Bitcoin sports betting.

Bitcoin Betting Bonuses

bitcoin sportsbook site

Just like with a normal bookmaker, you are able to take of huge advantages when you play with a Bitcoin sportsbook. When looking for the best Bitcoin sportsbook, this is something you should look out for and take into account when signing up. There are some huge bonuses out there for you to take advantage of, so make sure you don’t miss out when you are signing up.

When you are betting, Bitcoin makes payments a lot easier for you to manage.

Instant Withdrawals And Near Zero Fees

Using Bitcoin instead of your credit or debit card when betting has many advantages for you. The first is that you can deposit and withdraw funds within minutes, sometimes this happens within seconds. On top of this, there are some websites that accept transactions from people with no confirmation required, and this will update your balance instantly. You don’t have to wait for a week or so like you would with some payments such as sending money through a bank wire.

The fees you pay are also a lot lower and you will only have a small amount to pay to support the miners. This is just a few cents, and it doesn’t matter how much money you are sending. This means in the long run you will save a huge amount of money compared to the fees you would have to pay with a credit card.


This is another reason why a lot of people are switching to cryptocurrencies. When you sign up with a Bitcoin sportsbook, all they will need from you is a username and an email address. This means no personal documents, no checking your identity and due to this the process becomes even simpler.

Bitcoin allows you to gamble from anywhere in the world, and even if your country has tight restrictions, you will still be allowed on the Bitcoin betting site, and probably never asked to show your location when you are registering.

Best Bitcoin Sportsbooks 2019

best bitcoin sportsbook offer Bitcoin sports betting on a wide range of sports, and they cover all the big upcoming events that everyone will want to be betting on. With easy transactions thanks to Bitcoin, you are going to have a very easy time when you are betting with them.

With BetPhoenix you can place Bitcoin sport bets with ease and a lot of that is down to the fantastic layout of their site. They have put a lot of work in to make this easy for newcomers, which makes them a great Bitcoin betting site for newcomers who are still learning.

Bitcoin are a great betting company, and there are many different betting opportunities for people to take advantage of. If you like to bet on numerous different things then you are going to like the service from BetCoin, they have a wide range of events for you.

CloudBet make things as easy as possible for those betting with them which is why they are great for newcomers. With an easy to understand transaction page, and a nice lay out so you can find all the betting opportunities you need, this is a great place to get started.

SportBet cover many different sports and offer variety to those who sign up with them. They have put together a great page for their players, and there are many features on there for you to take advantage of.

Popular Sports and Tournaments
There are many huge sports and tournaments that you can take advantage of when it comes to Bitcoin betting. From huge football events, to the next big upcoming boxing fights, you can bet on a wide variety of different things. This coverage will give you the chance to try out new sports, and spread your money around on different sports, and this all helps you enjoy your experience further.

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