How To Buy Bitcoin and Where to do it in 2020
The industry of financial technology is booming with bitcoin, but oddly enough, most people don't even know what bitcoin is. With the rise of cryptocurrency, there's no better time than now if you want to dive into the world of …
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What is bitcoin and how does bitcoin work ?
BTC Guide: What is Bitcoin and How Does it Work?
The use of cryptocurrency only became widespread, not too long ago. Today, millions of people are now using bitcoin not only as a digital currency but as a form of investment as well. While many are becoming more knowledgeable about …
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Legality of bitcoin sports betting and gambling
BTC Guides: Legality Of Bitcoin Sports Betting And Gambling
The online gambling market is quickly growing even more due to the rise of people who have access to mobile internet. However, this industry remains very divisive. Each side has its own point that needs considering. For one thing, it …
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BTC Guides: How Is Bitcoin Taxed?
What is Bitcoin, exactly? For the uninformed, it’s a form of virtual currency that uses a cryptographic encryption technology that focuses on secure storage and transfer. Unlike any conventional currency, it has no physical form: it’s not printed by a …
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BTC Guides: Best Bitcoin Wallets of 2020
Bitcoin has been making big rounds in the global market, attracting many individuals due to its promise of being an “alternative” currency – a currency that’s not backed by governments and not subject to the faults of normal currency. Bitcoin …
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BTC Guides: Is Bitcoin Safe?
A majority of the world's population believes bitcoin to be this vector for scamming, laundering, terrorism, and other unsavoury acts. However, this is far from the truth. Most of these claims are completely misleading and false. A team of expert …
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