Privacy and Cookie Policy

Privacy and Cookie Policy

In this section, we will tell how our site GMA Crypto uses and stores the data that we receive from our users. The list of data includes but is not limited to your personal information, email address, browser and operating system data, domain, and so on. As a visitor, you automatically agree to our Privacy and Cookie policies. If for some reason you do not agree, then we recommend that you leave the website.

The information collected can be used only if you agreed to this. At the same time, we are not going to use the data collected if you do not allow this. Basically, the information we collect is not confidential and is used only for the purposes of statistics. Therefore, below we present to your attention the main purposes of using the data you provided:

  • To improve your experience with our site;
  • To be able to provide you with the correct answer to the question you have;
  • In the event of a dispute or claim;
  • To send the advertising information if you agree to this;
  • To monitor site visitors.

Note: We never ask our clients for their personals data if we do not really need it. Also, we never share your personal information with anyone except cases when it is required by the law to protect our company rights. And, finally, we never store your personal information on our servers when it is not required.

Our users are prohibited from sharing their personal information and their additional data. However, if any dispute requires this and we are obliged to provide the necessary information for a state settlement, this will be done. In addition, our site contains hyperlinks, but we do not bear responsibility for the safety of your personal data when you visit partner sites and other third-party resources. As for the protection of your data on our website, here you can be completely sure, because we use all the latest methods of protection.

If you do not already know, cookies are small files that are stored on the hard drive of your device and provide you with more comfort when browsing. As a user of our site, you can agree to the use of cookies or refuse this. Please note that disabling of the cookies will affect your experience with our site in a negative way.

To disable cookies, you need to read the detailed instructions on the web browser that you use. The links below will help you to do this quicker:

Comments and other content sent to spam protection service are not saved on our servers. In cases when these comments are wrong positive, we store them for a long time in order to improve the service we provide.

Although most of the changes are likely to be minor, GMA Crypto reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy from time to time and at the discretion of GMA Crypto. Visitors should check this page to track the latest changes. If you continue using our website after the latest changes to Privacy Policy were applied, it is considered as if you agreed and accepted them.

We use cookies to improve your experience on this website. To learn how to disable cookies and see which data we collect, please see our Privacy and Cookie Policy.