About Us

About Us

Several years ago, we all witnessed a surge in the number of people jumping on the cryptocurrency hype-train. I wasn’t an exception and am that long-standing cryptocurrency enthusiast. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies bring unique pleasure from the game and even more excitement! And all thanks to the fact that financial transactions have become much easier while the integrity of the game has become one level higher.

I started by searching for a BTC casino that can be trusted and as a result created my own independent project GMA Crypto. This site is a storehouse of useful information for players since only true and verified information is posted here. In addition, I am always striving to help cryptocurrency users and share my knowledge so that they can enjoy a safe game in the casino.

Our team works hard to maintain the reputation of our project, we have specially developed our feedback methodology. You can find out about it more on our homepage. We trust information only from reliable sources and make our online casino tester as detailed as possible. We pay a lot of attention to the games that are offered.

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What We Are Doing

We want GMA Crypto to be the most comprehensive source of information about online crypto gambling. Our project is for new and already experienced players to be able to choose their favourite casino based on our feedback.

We guarantee that all of our reviews are completely impartial, as they are based on real user reviews and the results of our honest testing. In addition, we are constantly updating our online library with educational materials related to online casinos, blockchain and crypto industry.

Our Goal

Our main goal is to protect our readers and all players from fraud. We always tell you if we encounter frauds and advise how to avoid such situations in the future. This means that we will never publish information about cool casino offers if we are paid for it.

We are aimed at improving the world of crypto gambling, making it even more honest and safe. After all, gambling is fun, and the game process can be even better if it is honest and safe for players.

So, the mission of GMA Crypto is to share the honest gaming experience with you. We are not going to advertise the sites that do not meet the basic security criteria.

Contact Us

Tell us about your experience with our site. We are always happy to receive feedback from you, as we are interested in your experience.

If you want us to check your casino or tell us your opinion about our site, whatever it may be, we will always be happy with this information. Our website is available for this and exists. We are here to share with you the reviews, updates, and reviews of everyone on the topic.

To contact us, choose the method most convenient for yourself below. Usually, the response time does not exceed 24 hours.

If you want to send the casino for verification:

  • send us an e-mail to [email protected]
  • in the subject line indicate the name of your casino
  • indicate your position
  • or use the contact form on this page

If you want to send negative feedback:

  • send us an e-mail to [email protected]
  • in the subject line indicate the name of the casino
  • try to describe in as much detail as possible the problem that you encountered, what did not suit you and when exactly
  • attach screenshots, if possible

Please do not write to us about:

  • link exchange
  • sales links

If you find a bug or typo on our website, be sure to contact us and report it. We will be very grateful to you. Well, and as always, do not forget to follow our latest news on social networks.

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