How to Transfer Crypto with TransferGo

How to Transfer Crypto with TransferGo

In a website post it was announced that TransferGo will add a wide set of cryptocurrencies to its platform. In case didn’t hear about TrasnferGo until now, it is a strong money transfer service such as Western Union or MoneyGram. TransferGo operates in 47 countries including UK, USA, Germany and Australia. Similar to many other money transfer platforms, TransferGo has now embraced crypto and teamed up with Ripple to process international payments at high speeds and low fees.

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Respecting Client Demand

How to Transfer Crypto with TransferGo

This move by TransferGo follows an increase in popularity that Bitcoin casino and other cryptocurrencies enjoy among its clients. And there are many rewards to come from the fact that TransferGo listens to its customers since in the first few hours since they launched crypto payments, over 4000 new sign-ups were recorded. The entire movement is also fueled by the fact that New York provides BitLicenses to companies that operate in the state. These regulated licenses help increase the crypto acceptance boom.

Transfer Using the Most Popular Cryptos

At the beginning, TransferGo will only add a few cryptocurrencies to see how things are going. The first crypto transfer will be made using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple and Litecoin. If the feedback from users indicates that more cryptos are needed, the company may add a few more later in the process. The whole move of adding cryptos to the trading platform follows an entire wave of companies that are committed to make crypto trading a lot simpler. Skrill, for example, has also launched a crypto trading wallet and other big companies will surely follow.

A New Approach for Crypto

Since things are not 100% clear for everyone regarding cryptocurrency and its use in day to day payments, TransferGo decided to take a gentle approach on this subject. They compare cryptocurrencies with the tokens you buy in an amusement park or the credits you use for a mobile app or game. This makes it a lot easier for beginners to understand and trust crypto trading and investing.

With platforms like TransferGo adopting crypto, it is a clear indication that cryptocurrencies are closer and closer to being used as a day-to-day currency. Another fact backing up this theory is the appearance of cryptocurrency ATMs in multiple locations around the world.

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