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Crypto Games Review: Over 100 Casino Games


Crypto Games is an online casino that tries to offer all the benefits of an online gambling institution and cryptocurrency at the same time. Founded in 2014, this is no longer a bitcoin casino that happens to possess a wide spread of gaming options, as it has been able to expand its wings to plenty of other cryptocurrencies as well. Featuring an attractive and minimalistic design language, the casino manages to provide an instant attraction. It does not try hard to load the user with a lot of information straight away.


An instant attraction at CryptoGames casino is that players may not register or sign up with the institution in order to experience the games. Since it is a casual game that manages to run with the backbone of crypto currencies, the institution has also decided to go down the route of the payment method by giving players with a personal address or unique ID; this will be in the form of an URL. A player can maintain the account by using this ID. Just like the use of a username and password at a regular online casino, a player can utilise this ID if they would like to keep coming back.

crypto games online casino review

Unlike many of the names in the industry, Crypto Casino does not rely on the software from other developers like Microgaming and Net Entertainment. Instead, the institution relies on its own software in order to do the job. One of the disadvantages of this decision is lack of aesthetics compared to a game designed by mainstream developers. The graphics does not provide much to speak about, but the game manages to excel when it comes to the fun part. Just like in every other top casino game, the wagering and success element have been carefully sculpted and should be more than enough for all types of casino gamers.

There are only six games on offer at this institution, and they are: Dice, Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, Lotto, and Slots.

The only jackpot at this institution happens to be offered in the slot game. In order to hit the jackpot, a player merely needs to get five symbols of the same kind with one spin. The game also displays the previous jackpot winners and the size of the jackpot that they have won.

Unlike in some of the competitors where there are several hundred slot machines, the lower choice of gaming options can be a detriment to the crypto games online casino. However, enough work has gone into these games to ensure that they are still fun to play.

The casino has only a handful of games under its belt and live dealer games are not one of the offerings. This can be a deal breaker for a few, but the attention to detail given in the six gaming options should be able to satisfy many.

The biggest advantage for anyone considering the Crypto Games casino is the wide variety of payment options available. This is a cryptocurrency-only casino and there is no tendency to just offer bitcoins as the payment options. Here, Crypto Games goes a long way into ensuring that the players have the maximum options when it comes to depositing and withdrawing funds. Apart from bitcoins, the casino also supports Ethereum, Monero, Dogecoin, Gridcoin, Litecoin, Playmoney, Dash, and Peercoin. There is support to 11 cryptocurrencies in total.

Similarly, there is a lot of flexibility when it comes to depositing funds into the account since the minimum and maximum limits have been designed with maximum functionality in mind. As a result, bitcoin deposits as low as 0.0001 is accepted. The minimum levels with regard to other currencies are:

  • Doge – 100
  • Dash – 0.01
  • Gridcoin – 6
  • Playmoney – 0.1
  • GAS – 0.02
  • Monero – 0.01
  • Ethereum – 0.01
  • Litecoin – 0.01

A player can always test the games before making the deposit. As a result, the zero risk option is a sought-after element at this casino and it is open every 24 hours.

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This is a casino where sign-up or deposit bonuses are not the norm. Instead, they are offered on an ad hoc basis. Best promotion is a 25% of House Edge Referral Bonus. There may be occasions when monthly wagering contests are held and they would reward players with as low as 500 Satoshi to up to 20,000 Satoshi. In order to win the contest, players will be ranked in terms of the total size of the deposits that they make over the course of a month. While the top three players will be rewarded directly in terms of bitcoins, the top 10 or 20 players will get lottery tickets. Generally, giveaways and bonuses are not the trend at Crypto Games casino.

cryptogames casino mobile

The games available on the Crypto Games platform may be substantially small compared to a regular game institution, but all these titles are available on a mobile platform. The casino has been designed in such a way that the mobile and tablet access are easy, as a large chunk of the visitors today access the online casinos through mobile devices. Interestingly, the site uses HTML5 technology along with several other modern innovations to make this site render in the best possible way even on a mobile page.

The modern nature of the site becomes apparent with the use of a responsive design instead of a dedicated mobile page. This responsive design makes it easier for the use of different products like tablet PCs or smartphones to access this casino.

Customer Care

Even though Crypto Games may not be a regular online gambling institution that has a huge variety of games and sections under its belt, it manages to have a huge fan following for the simplicity and the ease of use that it provides through the six game titles. Support at this institution is provided through the form of an email. The casino has placed a 24-hour deadline in order to address the issues raised through an email. All the latest updates about the casino can be followed on the social networking platforms, as Crypto Games has a strong presence on the likes of Facebook and Twitter. There is an extended FAQ section that has information about most of the issues that may come up for users.

CryptoGames Security

The security element of any online gambling institution is a huge priority. The adoption of cryptocurrencies certainly improves this element of Crypto Games, as networks require a lot of confirmation in order to make the deposits. The number of confirmations required usually varies from one cryptocurrencies to the other.

The world of online casino gaming has been taking several new directions in the last couple of years and the Crypto Games casino is a testament of the same. Unlike many of its competitors, this institution manages to do with only a handful of game titles. However, the standard element of this casino is the support for bitcoins and several other cryptocurrencies. The biggest advantages of signing up with this institution are:

  • No registration process required
  • Several cryptocurrencies supported
  • Interaction with other gamers

At the same time, there are also a few disadvantages of this institution. They are:

  • Lack of clear cut bonuses
  • Limited choice of games
  • Customer support is limited

Despite these issues, Crypto Games remains a great choice for a casino gamer looking for a different experience.

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