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Bustabit Review (2024): BTC Gambling Game – How to Play / Is It Legit?


Bustabit is an online casino that has gained a lot of traction in recent years. Launched in 2014, it happens to be a unique bitcoin betting site. In many ways, it is not a casino since it has just a single game in order to cater to the users. The system employed by Bustabit is so unique that it happens to be one of a kind. Players go up against a pot of money held by the system and the primary aim is to get out of the game before the pot loses its value.


One of the best elements about this game is that no registration requirement is placed upon the user. This is true even in the case where a user wants to play the game for real; this also includes the deposits and withdrawals section. Since the cryptocurrency is the only form of payment, it happens to be a clean platform with no restrictions placed upon the user. After having been forced to comply with a lot of terms and conditions at other online gambling institutions, the strategy adopted by Bustabit feels like a breath of fresh air.

bustabit online casino review

Unlike a traditional casino that has several slot titles up its sleeve, Bustabit only has a single game. The betting game at this casino is a social game where players will be betting against a pot. The increased number of players results in a larger size of the pot. The primary Bustabit strategy is to watch the game with regard to wages and multipliers. A player will be provided the chance to get out of the game at any time. The crucial element is to get out before the pot crashes, as this would forfeit the entire stake.

The game can be a true test of the nerves, as the player who manages to stand last will be able to receive added incentives. However, the players are putting themselves at the risk of losing the entire stake and this happens to increase the attractiveness of the game.

Everything is transparent at Bustabit and this even includes the house edge. The house edge is publicly given out and it usually hovers around 1%. There are even occasions when the house edge goes rather low to around 0%. Even then, this game manages to exist largely because of the huge amount of funds being wagered. The game is likely to see around 1 million bitcoins being wagered and this roughly translates to $10 billion being wagered in current exchange rates. The popularity of this game amongst the bitcoin players is none more so evident than by this statistic.

The biggest attraction surrounding this casino is the acceptance of just cryptocurrencies – not just any other cryptocurrency but just bitcoins. This can have its positive and negative effects. Bitcoins have decent amount of privacy, and still remains relatively cheap to make payments even after the transaction fees especially in recent years. Furthermore, there are also no limits on the funds that can be deposited into the account.

Since the transactions are extremely fast when it comes to bitcoins, the credits are received in a couple of minutes rather than having to wait for days together in the case of traditional Fiat currencies. The only disadvantage is that the bigger transactions can take slightly longer to process, but the smaller transactions are processed in a couple of minutes.

Bustabit has a fee of 100 bits for withdrawal and it roughly translates into a couple of cents at the most. Hence, the withdrawals can be made without the fear of having to pay huge fees. In order to initiate a withdrawal, the user must have at least 200 bits in the account and the withdrawal will be processed only in increments of 1 bit. A similar fee also exists for the deposits too.

Unlike a traditional casino, the Bustabit free bits are not available when a player signs up with the institution. Instead, the freebies offered in the form of a challenge that requires a player to stand the test of time in terms of the game. A player will lose the entire stake if the pot crashes, but the last standing player will be rewarded with a sizable bounty. This happens to be the biggest promotion and bonus campaign at Bustabit.

bustabit bitcoin casino review

Since this is a small-scale game run by one creator, it is not capable of offering the massive $1000 rewards available when signing up with traditional online casinos. Instead, the longer that a player manages to stay in the game the weekend that their chances of an extra bonus. Due to the great amount of risk involved, it is advisable to stay away from this bonus at best.

bustabit mobile casino

The website has been optimised in such a way that it is fully functional even when accessed from a smartphone. The same applies for a tablet device. One of the hindrances for modern users will be the lack of a dedicated android or iOS app. It would have made access to the game much simpler. As it stands, the lack of availability of a dedicated app requires the user to either go in through the browser. At the same time, Bustabit also offers instructions about adding the website to the mobile home screen, and this would significantly reduce the time taken to access the game.

Instead of a dedicated mobile page, the game relies on the responsive design language so as to make it possible to provide mobile access.

Customer Care

Since this does not operate like a traditional casino, the player does not have a customer support as such at this institution. Instead, the operator provides an extensive FAQ section that should provide more than enough information about the game and the various allied elements. Social gambling is all about a one-man team and it is not just a fable to expect a customer care out of such an establishment. Still, a support form is provided and it can be used to send out messages to the operator if there are issues.


The use of bitcoins straightaway enhances the security element, even if cryptocurrencies have come under the radar for several hacking-related issues. However, Bustabit overcomes this element by adopting a strong encryption technique. Bustabit also runs a bug bounty program where users will be rewarded if they find and fix bugs on the site. The reward is paid out in bitcoins, and it offers as a significant security mechanism designed to plug any holes.

The Bustabit game is one of a kind since it manages to combine the power of cryptocurrencies to the world of social gambling with great effect. Some of the big advantages of Bustabit include:

All the advantages associated with cryptocurrency transfer

  • Extremely low house edge
  • No big corporates involved
  • Full anonymity
  • Simple to use

At the same time, there are also a couple of issues that a player needs to be reminded before considering a sign-up with Bustabit. They include:

  • Lack of a clear customer support
  • No choice of games available

Social gambling has really caught on in recent years and Bustabit manages to stay at the top of the game.

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