BitKong Review: Provably Fair Bitcoin Betting Casino


Gambling has grown multi-fold in the last couple of years due to the availability of online variants. Now, it is expected that the next big jump in terms of the user interest is expected to arrive due to the growing use of cryptocurrencies in the mainstream gambling industry. One of the best uses of cryptocurrencies happens to come in the form of social gambling. BitKong is one of the front-runners when it comes to the dice games that operate using cryptocurrencies. Founded in 2009, the casino manages to provide an excellent gaming option for all the bitcoin enthusiasts.


BitKong happens to possess one of the plus a decision processes in the industry, as anyone can something as simple as the Facebook login in order to sign up for an account. In fact, this is a zero registration site if players do not want to dish out any details. This way, BitKong is able to maximise the advantages associated with cryptocurrencies – privacy and the load transfer costs. Every time a player visits the casino, they are provided with a guest account, which primarily involves names that are chosen by the player for the time being. If they are about to make a deposit after being impressed by the features on offer, then a registration even using Facebook is optional.

bitkong bitcoin casino review

This is a single game site which uses a game that is as simple as a minesweeper. Here, a player can move in a column at one time. There are 10 rows and three columns while the difficulty level can be between easy to hard. In terms of the medium setting, a player will be presented only with 10 rows and two columns. The idea of this game is to choose a field that comprises of a fruit, which will provide access to the next row. In the case of the hard setting, the probability of finding the fruit is at 1/3 since there are three rows. This reduces to 1/2 in case of the medium setting, as there would be two rows.

When a player chooses the correct field, the price on the bet will increase. This will push the player into the next stage, but a player will be losing the entire bet if they do not find a fruit in the field. One of the best elements about this game is that a player need not clear all the fields in order to exit with the wins, as it is possible even after finding one fruit. In many ways, this game can be as simple as a slot title.

The advantages of going with cryptocurrencies are the ease of transaction on almost every front. Not only is it quick, extremely cheap to transfer, and anonymous, it can also be a mode of transferring money without any hassles. This is exploited to the core by BitKong, which accepts bitcoins and then transfers them into bits. A minimum of 500 bits has to be made, while withdrawals are processed for figures only above 1000 bits. In order to carry out each transaction, there is a fee of 200 bits. BitKong does not require any other information about from a wallet address in order to make the transfer.

In case the player is making large withdrawals, BitKong will be interfering and approving the request manually. However, the possibility of the same is rather than what considering that 1 million bits is the equivalent of 1 bitcoin. Even though the casino expresses Fiat currencies, it does not use any of them and they are only for a representative purpose. Each withdrawal will be completed after two confirmations.

The BitKong is a single game site which is unlike many other online casinos that have several hundred titles under their belt. As a result, bonuses are not offered at this situation. Instead, free bitcoins are provided through the affiliate program. The bitcoin faucet is also a place to get the free bitcoins, and it can be accessed from within the game interface. There is a huge bonus awaiting the player who exits the game last. This way, the game tests the nerve of the player, as the pot will crash at the end of the game resulting in a complete loss of funds.

play bitcoin casino bitkong

The referral program, however, happens to be the best promotional element within BitKong. A player will be getting 0.25% of the bet made by a player who has been referred to the site. The referral process provides the benefits to the player in the form of bitcoins, thus making it even more attractive. A number of sharing mechanisms are provided on the site and they facilitate in making it easier for a player to try and attract as many new users as possible. They may resort to options like Facebook or Twitter sharing in order to make the program more visible.

bitkong casino mobile

Just like many of the modern casinos that have hit the market, this BitKong review finds that the site happens to be mobile friendly. Even though there is no dedicated mobile app that can be used on phones and tablet PCs, there is a great way to enjoy the site directly from the other phone due to the availability of a responsive mobile page. Due to its presence, an app does not appear to be necessary.

Customer Service

Unlike some of the casinos that do not have dedicated customer service program available, BitKong offers a comprehensive support system. Even though email is the only form of support system available, users can access all the necessary information in quick time. New users who step into the institution will be disappointed with the lack of a telephone or live chat feature. One of the intuitive ways in order to get in touch with the operator happens to be the use of social media accounts, while a thread for the site is also available on major forums like

Security and Fairness

The site does not have a regulation or license, as it is completely operating in the crypto world. However, BitKong has been operating for several years and it is considered as one of the safe single-game site around. The site has been secured by SSL encryption so as to avoid any hacking of the personal information, while the player identities are hidden from the prying eyes of the Internet. Since BitKong does not have any registration process which will need the submission of personal information, players can feel safe about registering at this site.

Just like any other online gambling institution, BitKong has its own pros and cons. Some of the big advantage is of this institution include:

  • Simple game
  • Mobile friendly
  • Ability to claim the prize even after just one round
  • Fair and secure

At the same time, the site also comes with the disadvantages. They are:

  • Absence of live chat or telephone support
  • Lack of instructions
  • Sluggish site after an extended period of usage

The BitKong may have its disadvantages but they are far overcome by a resilient game that can keep players engrossed for several hours. At the same time, it also has the potential to give big returns.

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