Bitcoin Casino Bonus

Your Guide To Bitcoin Casino Bonus For Online Gaming Slots

Bitcoin Casino Bonus is one of the many promotional attempts made by online casino websites to attract more users and get them started on their platform. For users, it means an excellent opportunity to grab hold of like any shopping sale. Bitcoin Casino No Deposit Bonuses cause new users to get free trial spins before bidding with real money. It gives them a chance at trying their luck without spending a penny and understands the chances of winning at a site. Most pro players keep looking for free bonuses as they are the best way to start their winning spree with a less bid amount, either with Bitcoin casino free spins or cash. Scroll down to find all types of bitcoin casino bonuses that one can use on gaming slots online.

Bitcoin Casino Bonuses are big bonuses that almost all intelligent online casino players look for because it comes with the ability to change the winning amount. If ‘how’ is your question, then the answer is by increasing chances. There are quite a few types of BTC Casino Bonuses available online, but the most common type is the Bitcoin sign-up bonus. It means that you get a gift for signing up with an online casino platform that increases your chances of winning real cash. To explain it better, there is an example of sign up gifts that one commonly gets to see:

  • Bonus with the first deposit.

When you make the first deposit for betting on a particular platform after signing up, you may get up to 2 crypto coins and 200 free spins.

Similar offers are given to new users on signing up for fifth or sixth deposits to encourage them to keep bidding on the site.

Bitcoin Casinos No Deposit Bonus

Bitcoin sign-up bonus mostly requires users to make deposits to almost double the amount for betting, but some websites offer no deposit bitcoin casino bonuses as well. One doesn’t need to make deposits to get fantastic offers or start playing on the slots in simple words. With Bitcoin casino no deposit bonuses, one gets several, which is generally more than 50 spins to play and win before making a deposit. Depending on the website, you may also get to play slots worth a few Crypto coins. It is generally a good way to check the winning chances on a casino website before bidding with real money on the platform.

Bitcoin Casino Free Spins On Games & Slots

One of the most common types of bonuses is free spins. You would have already seen in the above sections that many platforms offer free spins. BTC casino free spins are either available as a part of bundle bonuses and gifts for signing up or sometimes as standalone offers. If you browse through different rewards on the online casinos, you will come across four types of Bitcoin casino free spins:

  • Early deposit bonuses
  • No deposit sign-up bonuses
  • Loyalty bonuses for regular users
  • Bonus rounds

Although there is another way one can get free spins on casino platforms online, it is described in the next section.

Bitcoin Casino Bonus Code For Exclusive Rewards

Besides the sign-up gifts for early birds, many platforms allow users to enjoy a Bitcoin casino bonus with special codes released from time to time. The way a casino platform distributes the bonus codes vary, from website to website. But the common ways to get these codes are through email, website home page, and referrals. Codes are a common way to promote referrals online, and hence you can witness the same in the world of online casinos. If you are already registered with a few online casinos, then chances are you are not new to get exclusive access to bonuses through codes. However, if you are one of those looking for a bonus code right now, you will find many websites specializing in curating bonus codes from various online casinos for users just like you.

Bitcoin Faucet Bonus For Regular Players

Another type of Bitcoin casino bonus is the Bitcoin faucet bonus. However, these bonuses cannot be found online with a search or as a gift. Instead, these are meant to be earned. Casino websites make the faucet rewards to increase engagement on their platform. These types of prizes are common on gaming sites. They usually include trying a new slot, playing with many people by inviting friends. Casino websites basically make faucet bonuses activity-based prizes that make playing the slots more happening on the platform. The prize amounts are either pre-set based on the kind of activities or are level-based. And because these are in trend, you will find the extra motivations to keep bidding almost on all popular online casino sites.

Each type of Bitcoin casino bonus has its own set of requirements. Yes, you can’t expect them to give away their money to people just like that to everyone, can you? After all, it’s all business. Online casino platforms introduce bonuses to promote the games and slots and engage more users on their site. So, while requirements involve mostly signing up or making deposits on the site to play the game slots and continue the process, withdrawing is not very simple.

There are conditions to withdrawing rewards from any site. They are not particularly risky but knowing the conditions may help you avoid any losses in the future. There are some rules to wagering, which ask for a deposit of certain times more of the bonus gifted by the platform. For example, A platform giving ten mBTC as a Bitcoin casino bonus for new members with 35x wagering requirements will ask you to bet for 350 mBTC. It is only when you meet the limit, will you be able to withdraw the rewards. Also, all bonuses come with an expiry date, so the best way to make the most of them is by playing them instantly and withdrawing the cash. So, after going through all types of possible bonuses, which type of Bitcoin casino bonus is your favorite?

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